Experience over 40 years

Who are we?

We are a textile corporation established in Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, operating in textile industry since 1970 with indoor space which stretches out to 5.109 m2, along with our 100 employees; we have been producing woven & printed fabrics for outerwear with annual production capacity of 5.000.000 m.

Since 2008, our exports have been carried out by a member of our group, GESİ TEKSTİL.Kükrer Tekstil; is constantly taking firm steps towards the future in accordance with new technological developments, along with its experience preceding half a century.

75% of our produced fabrics are sold to foreign markets while remaining 25% are being sold to domestic markets..

Our Mission

Meeting customer demands at the highest level; by constantly developing our product quality, along with our product range and service quality.

Our Vision

To become an industry leading company in terms of quality, sustainable, fast production by creating difference in domestic/foreign markets with research and innovative management solutions.

In order to present more creative and different solutions to our customers; we are constantly developing ourselves and will continue doing so.We are taking firm steps towards becoming a world-wide service providing company and passing on that legacy to next generations is our intention.

Remembered for quality...